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  • David Harper

INTERSECT Consortium Seminar – Future plans

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the INTERSECT Consortium seminar. Your feedback showed us that meetings within different sub-groups were highly valued, as were general INTERSECT updates. Based on your feedback we have decided to hold the following events every other month:

Month one

  • Week one – INTERSECT Fathers and Partners sub-group meeting

  • Week two – INTERSECT Fear of childbirth sub-group meeting

  • Week three – INTERSECT Parent-infant bond sub-group meeting

These sub-groups can be arranged in any way members think would be most useful to them.

Month two

  • INTERSECT Consortium seminar

    • General INTERSECT update

    • Update from sub-groups

    • Presentations

    • Breakout rooms

Volunteers needed!

We are looking for volunteers to lead each subgroup, this will involve leading the sub-group meetings. We can still help with the administrative side (e.g. setting up Teams invites). If you would like to volunteer, please email

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