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Meet The Team

​The INTERSECT study is coordinated by a team of researchers from City, University of London and the Academic College of Tel Aviv, Israel, you can read more about members of the team and their interests below:

Susan Ayers

Susan Ayers, Professor of Maternal and Child Health,

City, University of London

I am a psychologist specialising in mental health and wellbeing in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. My experiences as a mum and a researcher have shown me first-hand how important it is to do research to inform maternity services and policy. Women’s experiences are at the heart of everything we do and I am excited to be part of the INTERSECT project, which has the potential to prevent birth trauma and make sure those affected get help and treatment. I am very grateful to all our INTERSECT partners, women and families across the world for working together to make this happen.

Dr Jonathan Handelzalts

Dr Jonathan Handelzalts, Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor, School of Behavioral Sciences, Academic College of Tel Aviv, Israel

I'm a licensed supervising clinical psychologist as well as a lecturer of clinical practice courses. In my clinical practice, I work with teens as well as adults. I’m an Associate Professor with tenure at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo in Israel. My research program revolves around my clinical experience, and I see my professional work as a clinical psychologist, teacher, and researcher activities as sustaining and nurturing each other. I’m particularly interested in the way resiliency and vulnerability factors are associated with the peripartum mental health of parents, with a special interest in parent-infant bonding. I’m very happy to be on the core team of the INTERSECT project as I feel that there is great value in learning the differences (but mainly similarities!) in maternity care and postpartum mental health around the world.

Dr Becca Webb

Dr Becca Webb, Research Fellow Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research
City, University of London

I am at research fellow, working in perinatal mental health. I feel very passionately about the way women are treated during pregnancy, labour and birth and am therefore thrilled to be part of the INTERSECT project. I am a mum and when I was pregnant saw for myself how important the work we do is. I hope that this project can make a big difference to all women who experience maternity care worldwide.

Dr Grace Lucas

Dr Grace Lucas, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Society, School of Health Sciences
City, University of London

I am a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Society at the School of Health and Psychological Sciences, City, University of London. Working between health sciences and medical humanities perspectives, my research focus is on the relationship between embodiment and mental health. As a mum of two, and with previous lived experience of mental health challenges, I am passionate about improving understanding of women’s health and the interplay between our physical and emotional lives.

Dr Georgie Constantinou

Dr Georgie Constantinou, Research Fellow Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research, City, University of London

I am a researcher in the Centre for Maternal and Child Health at the School of Health and Psychological Sciences at City, University of London. I have a background in psychology, with interests in research on parents’ experiences of care including: high risk pregnancy and care for infants and children with serious health complications. Through my research I have seen the lasting impact that negative birth experiences can have on family wellbeing and mental health and feel proud to work on the INTERSECT study with such an extensive group of researchers aiming to improve care for families in the future.

Dr Christopher Grollman

Dr Christopher Grollman, Data Manager Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research, City, University of London

I am an epidemiologist specialising in the analysis of administrative data and other large datasets. My interests are in health, including social determinants and health inequalities, with a particular interest in pregnancy and childbirth and factors that underlie birth experiences and outcomes.

"The topic and aim of the INTERSECT Network is…highly relevant to our organisation but also in line with goals of multiple other organisations and campaigns internationally, such as the World Health Organisation’s campaign for respectful maternity care and elimination of disrespect and abuse during childbirth” Global Black Maternal Health

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